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A male Northern Cardinal waits to be counted!

Bella Vista Backyard

Bird Count


The Bluebird Shed is coordinating the monthly Bella Vista Backyard Bird Count. If you live within the city limits of Bella Vista, AR, we invite you to participate!


Please send us an email at to tell us you are interested.


It is very simple to count your backyard birds. Just print the instructions and tally sheet below.  On the specified count dates, record the number and kinds of birds you see in your yard on the tally sheet and send it to us when you're done.

Once we have all the tally sheets back, we will compile the data and share the results with you.

Thank you for participating! 


Counting Instruction Sheet

Backyard Tally Sheet

Why Count Birds? -

Count Dates: Day 1 starts on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  Day 2 is the next day.


Birdscaping inside and out

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