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Round Up For Research: An Ongoing Success Story

Many of you may remember this photo of Mitchell Pruitt holding a pair of Northern Saw-whet Owls. The image appeared both at The Bluebird Shed and on this article forum.

To help support his research, The Bluebird Shed ran a Round Up For Research call-to-action asking customers to round up their purchase amounts to the next dollar value (or more) until year end.

I am happy to report that over 200 of our customers did exactly that and contributed just over $100 by doing nothing more than donating their pocket change. In many ways, this call-to-action was a pilot study in its own right as we wanted to help Mitchell's effort, but we also did not know if customers would be accepting of the idea. I am proud to say that it was wonderful success and our customers loved the idea!

Therefore, in the future, we will continue this effort to help local research by serving as a conduit by which customers can donate to local avian research endeavors.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this cause. Your kindness is appreciated.

The birds also thank you for it.


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