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Bird Feeding - Hummingbirds Will Soon Be Here!

So when do our hummingbirds come back?

According to, they have been sighted in central Arkansas and are making their way north. Of course, these are reports of the early birds, not movements en masse. As with other migration dates, the return of the birds will follow a bell curve distribution. That means the vast majority of the birds will arrive a few weeks later than the first arrivers, and there will always be stragglers even later still.

In NWA, we can expect the first arrival date to be April 1, plus or minus a few days. The brunt of the birds will arrive mid-April to early May.

That means the time to check your hummingbird feeding equipment is now and into May. One way to test your feeder is to fill it up with water and watch what happens. Does it drip? Is the feeder cracked or discolored? If so, then it might be time to consider a new one.

Of course, we carry a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and price points at the store. Look for our next installment of this blog when we discuss how to choose just the right hummingbird feeder for your needs.

In the mean time, check over the condition of your old hummingbird feeders and check out the web address above so you can monitor the movement of hummers into our area and across the U.S.



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