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Bird Feeding - A Window Feeder Brings Them Up Close

Until we opened the store, I didn't even know window feeders even existed. I had never even thought about trying to attract birds up that close to the house. Now, I wouldn't do without one.

These little babies suction cup to your window and allow you wonderful viewing opportunities. It's as if the birds are sitting right there in the room with you. And our cats love it, too. They just sit there for hours watching....and waiting. Of course, they can't get to the birds and the birds eventually realize this, so uninhibited, they grab a morsel or two right under all of our noses. Window feeders are also a great way to entertain small children and get them engaged with the outdoor world.

There are a variety of window feeders available, but the most popular one at the store is the Observer Window Feeder from Droll Yankees. I can see why people like it so's relatively small, made of light weight UV resistant polycarbonate, has 3 large suction cup attachment points, comes with a roof, and costs less than $20. All of these features have made it our best seller.

If you are looking for more (or less) substantial feeder, there are options there as well. We have a 16" tray window feeder with 4 suction cup points, and hopper style feeder that will hold about a half pound of seed. Going smaller is the mini-tray with two suction cups that is only about 4 inches wide.

Hopper style window feeder

Small dish style

One of the great things about window feeders is they are too small for squirrels to bother with, and since they are attached to a window, they are inherently more difficult for squirrels get to. But the birds love them.

If you are worried about birds flying into your windows to land on the feeder, you can rest at ease. This is because window feeders give birds something to see, so they realize it is not a place to fly through, but place to land. Additionally, if they suddenly flush up, they will not yet have built up enough speed to harm themselves if they do brush up against the window, and they generally fly away from the house anyway. So ironically, a window feeder is safer than putting a feeder mid-way into your yard.

To place a window feeder on a window, first clean the exterior window with glass cleaner to remove any dirt and dust that might be present. Then warm the suction cups in warm water a few minutes to soften them up. Lastly, rub the concave portion of the suction cup on your hand so it can pick up the natural oils of your skin. This will help the suction cup adhere to the window better. Then attach the suction cups to the feeder and press the feeder into place. We have had our window feeder up for a couple of months now, and it has not fallen down even once.

If you want to try something a little different and bring the birds up close, then a window feeder will be a nice addition to your backyard bird feeding oasis.

Enjoy the birds!


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